Bhob Rainey/Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase: 'Ainít it Grand' split 7-inch

sed07002 | Released in 2008 | Ltd Edition 350 copies | $7 'Ainít it Grand' split 7-inch

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Proposed for Sedimental as a glorious masquerade by Boston based by Bhob Rainey (BSC, Nmperign, and infinite collaborative scenarios) and including the opportunity to also release solo work by western, MAís Chris Cooper(Fat Worm of Error, Buddies, BSC, etc.) in his Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase guise proved too devastating a proposition to avoid. So we did not avoid it.

Here we have a circular cover project, or a which came first, a who is who conundrum. Those who know the respective artists work well enough should be able to suss the jig, and despite a label-less disc there are other ways. So, what do we have here musically? Densely collaged musique concrete-ism edited at a rather brisk pace, essentially. What matters, besides each artistís specific musical means, is both the sensitivity and the breadth the artists bring to the project. Concise. Humorous. Kick-ass. Classic.

Do we really need to discuss Raineyís importance on things experimental at this point? I hope not. Chris Cooper on the hand does deserve a bit more elucidation. Though well enough known through the circles in the above mentioned projects, it seems that his particular genius through the discipline of his guitar work is still not wholly understood. He possesses notable music knowledge as well as theoretical approaches that are generally not employed in the lo-fi, experimental noise and punk worlds in which he operates. His contribution to this artifact is yet another important piece of evidence that continues to build an airtight case for his necessary-ness.