sedcd055 | Released in 2010 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10 Zwolfzungen

 ALESSANDRO BOSETTI: Zwolfungen (twelve portraits of languages I don't understand)  sedcd055, 60-minute compact disc with original artwork by Baltimore artist Erin Womack and handmade letterpress ten-panel cardstock sleeves by Shelter Bookworks
The pressing is limited to 500 copies, however Sedimental has only 250 copies available for wholesale/direct sale to its network. Please act quickly if interested!
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label statement:
Alessandro Bosetti is a longtime friend and a musical colleague of many of our friends as well. We have followed Bosetti's creative development over the years and admire his challenging and often discomfort inducing works and live performances. Though we assumed that his sharing the recording of Zwolfzungen  with us a few years back was just to keep us abreast of another of his unique projects( this one originally as a piece for German radio), it's power and musicality struck us as being his most realized work up to that point and it was clear and without hesitation that we should make it tangible via the label. We feel it is a perfect synergy of Bosetti's deep interest in text based works combined with all of his broad and dexterous musical abilities. A subtle and understated masterpiece. We are also proud to once again be working with Shelter Bookworks(re: Area C) on the creation and design of the handmade card stock sleeve. Their attention to the detail of materials and execution is unmatched. The inclusion and choice of the eerie and charming drawings of Erin Womack as the artwork for the panels help make this document more than the sum of its parts and something to behold.
artist statement:
I like to listen to languages I don't understand. I like the moment when the understanding of words stops and every language starts to "make noise". All languages have a special sound, some more than others have particular acoustic characteristics that delight this musician's ears.

For Zwolfzungen  I collected recordings of eleven languages I'm not, or partially, able to speak and understand. Eleven languages I encountered in my travels, whose sound I especially liked. Moreover, I invented a twelfth one, developed and learned during the past years and featured as a last installment of the series. Zwolfzungen could be translated as twelve languages as well as twelve tongues. I try to "misunderstand" each one of those languages as much as I can. They include, among others: Dogo, Basque, Urdu, Mandarin, Cherokee, Japanese and Zulu.

For each language's recording I developed a specific piece of music, disengaging from the meaning of the words and instead concentrating on its sound and rhythm. The pieces are not intended as features or documentaries as I'm not inserting any explanatory aspect into their context. I used whatever compositional ideas and methods the source material inspired : tape collage, electro-acoustic processing, max/msp, low-fi sound devices and then performed them live, mixing my voice with pre-recorded and realtime electro- acoustic materials. Each piece is a unique musical universe and be may listened to individually or as a total group.

Zwolfzungen  was originally commissioned in 2005 as a radio art piece for DeutschlandRadio Kultur in Berlin and re-worked as a multi-channel live performance in 2007.
artist bio:
Born in Milan, Italy in 1973. Composer and sound artist. 
Bosetti works on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication and produced text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcasting and published recordings. In his work he moves on the line between sound anthropology and composition often including translation and misunderstanding in the creative process. Field research and interviews often build the basis for his abstract compositions along with electro-acoustic and acoustic collages, relational strategies,trained and untrained instrumental practices, vocal explorations and digital manipulations.
He's curious about differences so he travels. Since 2006 he's been living and working in West Africa, China, Taiwan, Holland, Scandinavia, United States , Germany and Italy. For the future he plans to be living and working between Berlin (D), Milano (I) and Baltimore (USA)  His recordings have appeared on Die Schactel, Crouton, Errant Bodies, Grob, Potlach and numerous other imprints.

some press clips:

" recent years Alessando Bosetti has produced an interesting and original body of work that utilizes language and the spoken word as its main focus. His interests are not so much in the direct meaning of words but in their shape and form, the way they sound, their abstract acoustic properties and potential for use in electroacoustic composition...Bosetti builds a musical  accompaniment around them using a wide variety of processes ranging from tape collage, computer processing and lo-fi sound devices. While the material has been gathered over a long period of travel, the music here has all been realised in an improvised situation, with Bosetti responding directly to the natural rhythms of the languages and creating quite different music for each one. Japanese texts produce a soft, vaguely Techno-inspired atmosphere; a loud Haitian rant results in a wild, chaotic avalanche of noise.  The music manages to skirt the border between documentation and abstract musicianship. The personalities and characteristics of each speaker remain very much present in each falter of the voice, each suppressed laugh, and yet these elements become less human along the way; sonic material sculpted, shaped and blended into the surrounding sounds irrespective of the meaning held in the spoken words. Bosetti shows a real love of language in these charming works. The music has a really positive, joyful, perhaps humanistic feel to it. This thoroughly original music extends the possibilities of improvisation into new and fertile zones. -Richard Pinnell, The Wire(Sept, 2010)