STEAFANO PILIA: the suncrows fall and tree

sedcd045 | Released in 2007 | 500 copies | $10 the suncrows fall and tree

the suncrows fall and tree bolsters Stefano Pilia’s small but substantial and well received body of solo work(LVD, Time-Lag) along with his participation in the highly lauded 3/4HadBeenEliminated project with Valerio Tricoli and Claudio Rocchetti. The new document contains two 20-minute long sound arcs that are sweeping and focused, essentially drone pieces. They are beautiful in their restraint but not “pretty” and are grounded in the subtle use of acoustic and natural sound elements. The work was composed and recorded between 2003 and 2005 in Bologna, Milano, Codroipo and Arbatax using the following sound sources and devices: electric guitar, field recordings, microphones, piano, tape noise, instruments played by wind, sine waves, pvc tubes, filters with an additional contribution from Andrea Belfi of high frenquency synth.

some press clips:

A Top 50 Release of 2007 from Italy's Blow Up magazine