PISAURA: Asteraceae

SEDCD067 | Released in 2020 | Ltd Edition 200 copies | $15 Asteraceae

SEDIMENTAL proudly brings you a remarkable new document from PISAURA, released for the Summer Solstice the 3rd week of June. Pisaura is Michael Pisaro-Liu and Zizia (Amber Wolfe+Jarrod Fowler). The document is a 72-minute compact disc in plastic free gatefold eco-sleeve. Asteraceae presents a hermetic world of shifting densities, dynamics, and spatialities that rewards endless listening as sequenced or on shuffle play.


The 72-minutes of Asteraceae were composed from field recordings of performances around Los Angeles during winter 2018-2019. Pisaura used astrological charts to determine patterns of composing, performing, recording, and producing music with celestial and terrestrial rhythms. The 24-tracks contain sounds of site-specific recordings and natural objects, plus audio created according to astrological archetypes. The overall process is a combination of both highly rigorous systems and indeterminate aspects fully revealed in the website link below.


Michael Pisaro-Liu is a guitarist, composer, and member of the Wandelweiser collective. Pisaro-Liu works with silence, field recordings, electronics, improvisation, and diverse instrumental ensembles. Pisaro-Liu teaches composition and experimental music at the California Institute of the Arts.


Zizia is Amber Wolfe Rounds and Jarrod Fowler. Wolfe composes musical scores from celestial maps. Fowler samples environmental sounds from terrestrial habitats. Zizia harmonizes celestial and terrestrial rhythms to create ecological sound art with field recordings, natural objects, and (non-)musical instruments.


Composed and produced by Pisaura, 2018-2019

Mastered by Taku Unami in 2020

Artwork design and layout by Zizia 2020


CDs are $15 postpaid within the US/Pre-order/Intro price is $12 through 7/16


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