Kyle Bobby Dunn: Fragments & Compositions

sedcd052 | Released in 2008 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10 Fragments & Compositions

Fragments & Compositions is a collection of long-processed recordings that began at several universities and art centers visited frequently from 2005 to 2007. Working with classically trained musicians recruited on a whim, Dunn recorded the often awkward sounds of the sessions and sparse notes of the musicians as Dunn dictated. The music addresses amongst other aspects: the pace of meeting people and their vanishing, the human condition, the nothingness of being, indifference, the ephemeral, the bleak and the misery of mid-winter and mid-summer. Yet also the warmly humanist acceptance of these negative terms and things. Sedimental has been following Dunnís sensitive and world-wise drone works closely for many years (keep in mind he is only 21 now), and with this brilliant new release we expect to expand his presence on many levels. KBD was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1986 and active since 2000 as a minimalist composer and sound artist. As a sound artist, Dunn has exercised his work in exclusive outdoor locations, generating sound from site-specific environments and processing them via analog setups and laptop. Heís also premiered his more musical works at various academic settings including the Alberta College of Art and Design, The Banff Arts Centre, Cantos Music Museum, the University of North Carolina, The Bickett Gallery, and the more typical indie-rock venue.

some press clips:

ďÖthereís an austere classical air to Dunnís compositions, recalling the geometry of cathedral domes and the interlaced ribs of vaulted ceilings.Ē -The Wire Magazine