PISAURA: Asteraceae

SEDCD067 | Released in 2020 | Ltd Edition 200 copies | $15


SEDIMENTAL proudly brings you a remarkable new document from PISAURA, released for the Summer Solstice the 3rd week of June. PISAURA is Michael Pisaro-Liu and Zizia (Amber Wolfe+Jarrod Fowler). The document is a 72-minute compact disc in plastic free gatefold eco-sleeve. Asteraceae presents a hermetic world of shifting densities, dynamics, and spatialities that rewards endless listening as sequenced or on shuffle play. The 72-minutes of Asteraceae were composed from field recordings of performances around Los Angeles during winter 2018-2019. Pisaura used astrological charts to determine patterns of composing, performing, recording, and producing music with celestial and terrestrial rhythms. The 24-tracks contain sounds of site-specific recordings and natural objects, plus audio created according to astrological archetypes. The overall process is a combination of both highly rigorous systems and indeterminate aspects.