THE LOVELIGHT SISTERS: A Day for Fainting Fairies (DVD+CD)

sedcd/dvd068 | Released in 2022 | 300 copies | $15

A Day for Fainting Fairies (DVD+CD)

From the creative well of upper Franklin County in the Pioneer Valley of Western, MA springs the Lovelights Sisters, a lovingly crafted Childrensís TV Program featuring five magical sisters: Chella, Viola, Novella, Elda and Dot as they prepare for a Ladies Club tea party. Debuted in 2019 the program is a swirling feast of eye candy packed with song, incidental music and everything else in between. Charming, idiosyncratic, and irrestibile for all ages. DVD features the full first episode plus bonus films (105 minutes) CD is the complete soundtrack of eighteen tracks featuring Big Blood, Jeremy Pisani, Ruth Garbus, Leaf Peepers, Liz Tonne, Feathers, Wendy Eisenberg, and many more (46 minutes)