sedcd044 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10 SOLD OUT Heave To

Olivia Block’s “Heave To” is her fourth full release under her own name(her first two are on sedimental, the most recent on jason kahn’s cut label) and marks both a new maturity in her compositional prowess and also a new confidence. “Heave To”, a composition in three movements, is an investigation into the deep structures of maelstroms. A roiling mixture of crashing waves and wind, jagged strings, clanging metal, complex electronic textures, and clusters of chamber instruments. In our opinion this is her strongest work since her debut, “Pure Gaze”.


some press clips:

“I believe I heard her first two releases, Pure Gaze and Mobius Fuse at the same time and I was immediately taken in by the extraordinarily open and expansive sound world she created, one in which, in addition to an abundance of gorgeous and endlessly fascinating sonic elements arrayed in poetic fashion, she was unafraid to introduce evocations of rural America, vestiges of the heartland that most would surely shun. Last year’s brilliant Change Ringing on Cut continued roughly along this rich path and now comes Heave To, maybe the strongest thing I’ve heard from Block to date.”-Brian Olewnick in November 2006 Bagatellen